4 Tips on How to Self-Love

Gosh, it’s cold outside, I’m single and broke! How can I possibly practice any love on Valentine’s day!- Said every single, broke person on the earth, in the northeast United States. 

Being single and balancing a budget does not mean that you cannot partake in some kind of self-love. Check out these four affordable tips to “Self Love” on Valentine’s day.   You can practice these tips anytime you need to. Actually, we would argue these tips should be a part of your self- love journey on a regular basis. 

Tip 1. Be Grateful for Where You Are 

Take 7-10 minutes each day to write down the things/people that you are grateful for.  It is hard be down in the dumps when you focus on your blessings! There is a significant amount of research that shows people who take time to reflect and count the ways they are blessed tend to be happier and less depressed. (1) 

Tip 2. Treat Yo’ Self 

How will anyone know how to treat you unless you know how to treat yourself.  A part of feeling good is being kind to self.  Think about it…what is the last kind thing you have done for yourself?  Maybe that is choosing healthy foods to put in your body.  For others that may be indulging in a treat or a dessert.  Other options may include simply slowing down and practicing mindfulness.  These are all small but amazing ways to love on self.  It may seem difficult to do if you are not used to taking the time to take care for yourself.  But remember the body is not just a machine; it is made up of soul and spirit.  Choosing to care for the inner you is an important investment that will produce a good return. 

Tip 3. Enjoy Others 

Sometimes we focus so much of our perceived needs for others that we do not take the time to just enjoy people.  Sometimes those needs are based on what we believe we need to do for someone. Other times those needs may be the unrealistic expectations that we place on others to be something they are not. It helps to take a step back and just enjoy people for who they are instead of what we want them to be or who we believe we need to be to them.  

Tip 4. Create a Routine for Love 

If you are more of a yoga-in-the-morning person or prayer-in-the-evening type of person; set aside the time to do those things.  That could mean journaling, meditating, painting, writing, exercising or time with good friends. You could leave little love notes to remind yourself of your worth or mail yourself a card.  Whatever it is schedule it and stay consistent

 Fit the right things into your schedule and you will see the right things will fit and be manifested on your journey of self-love.   

La’Shay S. Crayton MPH, MSSW 
Licensed Trauma Informed Care Practitioner 
Therapist and Communications Director 
The HOPE Center – 347-778-7610 
228C 116th St New York, NY 10026 

WONG, J., & Brown, J. (2017, June 6). How Gratitude Changes You and Your Brain. Retrieved February 14, 2019, from https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/how_gratitude_changes_you_and_your_brain