The HOPE Center

“Where Healing Takes Center Stage”

The HOPE (Healing On Purpose and Evolving) Center is the manifestation of Senior Pastor Michael A. Walrond’s vision, to effectively support the vast mental health needs of the parishioners of First Corinthian Baptist Church, and the Harlem community at large.

The center seeks to minimize the stigma shrouded around communities of color when seeking mental health services. It prides itself in having licensed clinicians who utilize evidenced based therapeutic modalities to support a variety of daily living challenges ranging from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, trauma, to sexual abuse and domestic violence, as well as bereavement and marriage/family guidance.

The center is a space that does not shy away from the protective factor spirituality provides to so many when life presents difficulty. Kyndra Frazier, a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and ordained Baptist clergywoman, provides direction for the center. It is with great joy and enthusiasm the center seeks to serve the community it has been gifted to and with. It looks forward to companioning with individuals, couples, and families to balance, wellness, and wholeness.

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Our mission is to provide quality socio-emotional, behavioral health, and spiritual guidance through a person-centered approach. Our objective is to engage in therapeutic healing opportunities, which promote and honor the experiential learning of all hope innovators (individuals, couples, and families), supporting them in fruitfully creating their lives, and pursuing thriving futures.


To support hope innovators in developing an intentionality around their healing, as they gain tools within the therapeutic alliance to assist them in creating and sustaining life-long wholeness.

Who is a Hope Innovator?

One who is intentional about operating in healing and wholeness is a HOPE Innovator. Your courage to innovate your life through sifting through the shadows of your current narrative, and simultaneously developing a narrative that speaks to the truth of who and what you are is how you heal on purpose.

The values by which we work together toward achieving our vision are:


To support, respect, and respond to the innovator’s power to create the life they desire. We will support persons in developing the courage necessary to create the dreams they envision for their lives.


To invite innovators on a journey of excavating wounds that seek to cast shadows of shame and doubt. We will support persons in thriving, and cultivating life where the illusion of death appeared to loom.


To create an environment of hospitality and safety where innovators feel invited and welcomed to be themselves. We will support persons in giving sight to the wonderment of who they are.


To assist innovators in developing an awareness of their interconnectedness to all of life. We will support persons in recognizing how healing themselves brings healing to our world.


To respond with compassion and patience. We will be sincere while listening to and supporting the needs, dreams, and diversity of our innovators.


To be ostentatious about the worth and value of our innovators. We will unwaveringly strive to treat every individual with dignity, in an effort to strengthen self-confidence and pride.


To always advance our professional and personal evolution. We will increase our knowledge and skill base to be proactive in exceeding the expectations of our innovators.

What We Offer:

Adult Guidance

The H.O.P.E. Center offers services to adults navigating the emotional landscape of life, which at times is experienced as debilitating. We are purposed to address the holistic needs of each hope innovator physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and culturally. We accomplish this by crafting and upholding an environment advantageous toward personal improvement and evolution. We provide solution-focused therapeutic engagement that aspires to assist hope innovators in being their highest self through functioning in wholeness and healing whether at home, work or within society. Services offered are individual, couples guidance, marriage guidance, and group and family guidance during the day and evenings.