HOPE for the Holidays

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December is here and celebrates the holidays such as Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah. The holidays are a wonderful time for community, reflection, and love.  It is a time of festivities for all things merry and bright, so we naturally reminisce during this time about childhood memories and moments of joy. For some, these reflections can also present challenging memories as well. We encourage you to think about how you can create spaces, events, and memories that are sensitive to various identities, observances that are inclusive during this season. It is best that we make sure to take the necessary time especially as daylight grows shorter and nighttime grows longer, to be intentional with caring for ourselves.  Some tips to help with managing this time of year include:

1. Eat more root vegetables! (eg: beets, carrots, cabbage, collard greens, brussel sprouts)
2. Make sure that you are getting fresh air at least once a day
3. Take supplements such as magnesium and Vitamin D
4. Include light into your daily routine, whether it is sitting by a window, going outside or playing with lights in your home. Light therapy is extremely helpful
5. Try to do something you always loved to do when you were younger. Was there a recipe you used to love or a place you loved to go— bonus points if you share this with your friends or pets. 
6. Write a letter to acknowledge your strengths and achievements. How do you want to utilize your strengths moving forward? 
7. Write a letter to let your frustrations out and dispose of it in a way that suits you— rip the letter, toss it in a random trash bin, etc.

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